Rugby League World Cup Predictions
Posted By Carlos Cruz | November-22-2017
Our prediction: The world finals will be England vs. Australia and it’s going to be an epic battle but the Aussies will be on top. Already, predictions over who will win and how are floating across Twitter and the press and we’re here to chime in with our analyst’s predictions. We are calling it right now: Australia will become the undisputed..

NRL 2017 Round 19 Highlights: Rabbitohs Vs Cowboys
Posted By Carlos Cruz | July-17-2017
Looks like the North Queensland Cowboys are strong even without Johnathan Thurston. They have gained another win, the third in a row, against the South Sydney Rabbitohs with a 23-10 score on Sunday, Barlow Park. It’s looking very good for the Cowboys who are suffering the loss of co-captain Matt Scott, injured for the whole season. Looks like the team’s form..

Not Any Given Sunday: Broncos Denied Schedule
Posted By Carlos Cruz | June-27-2017
In a press conference called yesterday, the Brisbane Broncos made a statement criticizing how they were blocked from their request at a home game to be scheduled on Sunday (at the Suncorp Stadium). Paul White, Brisbane Broncos chief executive, aired his apparent displeasure and also gave a warning that club might experience a membership backlash because of being pushback or..

NRL suits-up with all new Marvel Heroes
Posted By Carlos Cruz | June-13-2017
Only a couple of weeks to go before the release of Spider-Man homecoming. It's U.S. release date is 28 June 2017 and it's Australia rlease date is 6 July 2017. Watch the latest trailer here. Those awesome web-shooter combinations is definitely lit. Tony Stark has done an awesome job on Spidey's suite. And we know some fans of the Sydney Roosters are..

Be the Marvel Hero of Your Dreams
Posted By Carlos Cruz | May-17-2017
Yes of course you can be the marvel hero of your dreams. It's time to suit up and get hyped by the awesome teaser video for ISC's Marvel Heroes 3 is back with a vengeance in 2017! New teams. New characters. Relive the glory and get your own right now, right here at Sports Box. Check them out right now...