About Us

Sports Box Australia

Sportsbox.com.au is the leading online sports retailer store that specialises in sports fan merchandise. We offer a range of sports apparel in Australia and overseas. We feature over 1,000 products from a range of top international and local brands for Rugby League, Union, Cricket, Football to Basketball and Global Sports events.

Our goal is to help every sports fan find the product that supports their favourite team. This is because we love sports just as much you do.

We started out small but since the early beginnings, Sportsbox has grown and our range has increased dramatically with over 100 new products listed each month. Now, we carry such a wide range from sports jerseys to collectible memorabilia. And we’ll continue expanding our product line to cater to every sports fans today.

Because we are big sports fans ourselves, we understand that the spirit of the game doesn’t end after watching a game or when the game season has been concluded. In our own home with our family or mates, we enjoy and root for our favourite teams. We want to engage you to the game and offer sports merchandise that you can wear in proud support of your team.

How Can We Offer Such Competitive Low Prices?

Being a retailer that sells predominantly online we are able to provide a 24-hour, 7-days a week service at a substantially lower cost base than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers who have to operate many physical stores with high rents, wages and distribution overheads. Because we don’t have these overheads, we do not need to charge the same high margins they require in order to sustain their businesses.

Sports Box takes pride in being the online retail leader in driving prices down and delivering value to you, our customers.