Our prediction: The world finals will be England vs. Australia and it’s going to be an epic battle but the Aussies will be on top. Already, predictions over who will win and how are floating across Twitter and the press and we’re here to chime in with our analyst’s predictions.

We are calling it right now: Australia will become the undisputed Rugby League World Cup Finals winner and we will be seeing hearts break all over England as Brisbane claims the cup despite England’s intense climb to the top this season. After reaching the decider and ending their more than two decades dry spell for reaching this tourney finals, England finally grabbed the opportunity at the Suncorp Stadium. But hear us out on why we thing Australia will claim a record eleven world cup crowns.

First off, the England team captain, Sean O’Loughlin and their ever dependable hooker, fan favourite Josh Hodgson are injured and are therefore going to be a huge setback for the entire team.

This is not just a lack of talent, it’s going to throw their entire chemistry as the two contribute to the team’s synergy in ways that may or may not be obvious to many players. And, compared to Australia’s team who are unchanged, prepared, and complete, the team is much more desperate and uncomfortable with their combinations. Australia of course having won five times in succession having more confidence and moral on their side.

We might be looking at a hard-fought game nonetheless and we may be eating our words come Finals Game day. Our prediction is that both the teams will not be pulling off excessive stunts. This will most likely be a game of inches and the team that is able to maximise the effect of simple pass, defend, and offense will get the edge in the end.

James Roby and Kevin Brown are the two who might give England an edge with their consistent ball shifting velocity, but Gareth Widdop is also getting more and more attention as a real threat that the opposing team will need to take into consideration.

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